Saturday, May 27, 2006

Obey your Master!

Hey all...

Several things.

1. It was my last day of work yesterday. Very sad as I like the people and the money. Very happy as I no longer have to worry about work.

I got one of these as a going away present...

Unfortunately they only come in XL so its a little bit big. Still the best leaving work present EVER! Though I'm not sure the rest of my colleagues knew what was happening. I got home and put it on then I ended up wearing it to bed because...


yes I'm sick which meant I spent last night huddled into a ball shivering incessantly under about 6 layers of clothing and bedding. It also meant no post work celebration, no cocktails tonight and probably not a whole lot of cleaning this weekend which is bad because I need to cleanup my stuff from around some of the girls' furniture.

2. ...

3. ...


I did have other things but my brain has ceased to function. I'm getting new housemates. 3 guys so the Wilstonhouse is gonna be turned into a stinky boys dungeon :(

Well thats all...I'll try and do something spectacular for my 100th post.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Its an Arockalypse!

I dunno if you people follow this sort of thing but I felt it was necessary to point out this years winner of the Eurovision song contest.


Lordi are teh Rock!

Five dudes from arctic Lappland in full body latex costumes...truly awesome

The fact they beat out a bevvy of beautiful european ladies belting out wannabe "R&B" pap thereby crushing their pathetic dreams beneath a 3 inch heeled lace-up boot? Sensational

Here is where you can have a listen to the song they won with...its actually pretty catchy

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get a hold of their albumn...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Mystery...

I was sent this over the venerable MSN messenger, the Sendee shall remain nameless...unless they happen to be a contact of yours...

Funeral Raid!! says:
I saw titties!
Funeral Raid!! says:
They were exposed
Funeral Raid!! says:
I seen them
Funeral Raid!! says:
up close
Funeral Raid!! says:
Lucas' pawpaw ointment

Now I understand everything up to that last point...

Titties were seen. Up Close.

All good so far...

Lucas' Pawpaw ointment?

o_O WTF?

Ok had to google it to make any sense of it and this is what i got...


So from what I understand Titties were seen. Up Close. Then ointment was romantic and sensual. Good work :)