Friday, November 03, 2006

Don't give up!

Seriously folks every time you don't check my blog, God kills a kitten =(

So...drunk and in a bloggin' kinda mood.

What's happenin' in my world?

Not a whole lot apart from the fact that, that whole honours thing is still happening...despite my best efforts.

I get to play with breast....cells... ><

No really, they're a breast cancer cell line and they're hard to kill. Soon my babies will be used to take over the world...>.>

Did I just say that out loud?

Type out loud even...

Got a 7 (High Distinction or 85%+) for my Grant proposal....I guess that rocks

Got an oral presentation on Monday...will be interestin' as I have to go 1st out of everyone

Speaking of which if you're bored and are at Gardens Point campus of QUT at 9AM Monday morning come to Q601 and watch meh...

Going to bed...sorry I've been so slack with the bloggin' but been kinda busy =P