Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's been a while...


Is this thing on?

Been a while eh?

Sorry, sorry...been busy (why do I get the feeling I'm apologising to myself?)

But now it's 12:20AM and I'm still at Uni, trapped by Brisbanes infernal public transport system which refuses to run after 11:15PM

trying to weigh up whether I should fork out for a taxi...hmmm

It's either that or go and sleep on a friends love sack and no, it isn't what you're thinking...I'm just not that lucky

So I'm now demonstrating at Uni...2hrs of complete mayhem as 3rd year students run around, like the proverbial decapitated poultry, trying to do experiments while I sit back and laugh, pausing only occasionally to help one of the poor unfortunates.

Good Fun


Anonymous Joe said...

You! Dunno if you'll get this in time...I'm at uni today, finishing about 3:30. If you can get in contact with me about then, preferably by phone we can meet up and cruise back to my place for TV. You can try e-mailing me at s4139411(AT)student.uq.edu.au so if you send an e-mail saying "I'll be at X at Y time" I'll read that e-mail around 3:30 and try to get there.

For some reason I make the simplest things over complicated don't I?

7:55 am  

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