Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Mystery...

I was sent this over the venerable MSN messenger, the Sendee shall remain nameless...unless they happen to be a contact of yours...

Funeral Raid!! says:
I saw titties!
Funeral Raid!! says:
They were exposed
Funeral Raid!! says:
I seen them
Funeral Raid!! says:
up close
Funeral Raid!! says:
Lucas' pawpaw ointment

Now I understand everything up to that last point...

Titties were seen. Up Close.

All good so far...

Lucas' Pawpaw ointment?

o_O WTF?

Ok had to google it to make any sense of it and this is what i got...


So from what I understand Titties were seen. Up Close. Then ointment was romantic and sensual. Good work :)


Anonymous Mr Jonathan said...

Wow someone is really perverted... And by perverted I mean really cool.

11:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

paw paw is chinese for grandmother...

1:01 am  

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