Saturday, November 05, 2005

The update to end all updates...or maybe not.

I think its time to get all retrospective on yo' arses.

Lets see in the last 2 months I have...

Gotten a Job

Gained 1 girlfriend

Come 11 days off of finishing off the coursework for my degree

2 of my long standing housemates have moved out

Whats that you say? News to you? well thats ok...

About 2 weeks ago the K's, Hieran and Shieryn, moved out together in to Shieryns brother's place as he's gone to the Land of the Long White Moose, or, Canada.

I have secured an interview with the guy who will supervise me for the Honours I will be doing this summer

So its been a pretty intense 2 months for me what with all the changes, studying for exams and organising honours.

Well thats all the retrospective we have time for today, stay tuned for a continuum of a previous post.

An update on my little rival...

"Danny BEAMO is my
nickname. What kind
of flowers do u like
sweety. Mwah to u 2"

"I think dandelines suit
u. U cant get rid of
them, theyr pretty but
they smell."

"Meh i'm more of a
Coryanthus girl
myself. But whatever
u can afford..."

"Ican afford anythin
including u honey
which orafice do
needs extra attentive"

"Firstly speak english
runt. Secondly stop
it... You're turning me

Now I think what he meant to say was dandelions but I googled what he wrote and got a charming glassware company, linked above, Cory mate if you're reading, something from the 'bustlines' line would be lovely.

Next note how I worked his name into the name of a flower, now don't ask me how I knew there was a flower called Coryanthes (I spelled it wrong in the message) because I have no idea how I knew that.

There was no response to my last message so I might just assume he's given up but just in case he hasn't...

My advice? Get over it. Add her and/or me to your spank bank and move on...


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Y'know Dan, I find it a little insulting that you post a retrospecive without once mentioning me. Tragic.

6:15 pm  

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