Thursday, November 03, 2005

An Ode to Breast

Ode n. a lyric or poem typically of varied or irregular metrical form and expressing noble feeling [French, from Late Latin (390-700), from Greek: song]

Breast n. Anatomy, Zoology a milk gland, especially of a woman, or of female animals [Old English (before 1100) brēost]

An Ode to Breast

This beauty kept out of sight
So soft and round and warm
So silky smooth, so milky white
So perfect in its form

And yes my dear friend Jon,
They have inspired these rhymes
The young ladies, I happened upon
Who gave me the breast of times

And while I try my best
To describe the great sensation
You yourself must test
And end your fascination

And as to comments a day previous,
I just have this to say
I may have been a mite devious
Keep on to find what way

'Cause from my mouth the words still spilling
'Bout the e'er peak'd dome
If only it had been a womans, willing
And, sadly, not my own

If you are a little confused read Jonathans comment from yesterday...and prolly the actual post as well.


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