Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Macho, Macho Man. I Want To Be...

A Macho Man.

Yes folks one of my secret fantasies came true today. I finally get to be all manly 'n' shit

Received an interesting SMS today, completely out of the blue and an interesting SMS conversation ensued.

Check this out...

"Dan this is about my girl
Alice. I want u to keep
ur greasy hands off
of her. Cory"

"Im watching u Danny
boy Keep the fuk
away from my
girlfriend u little punce

"Punce eh? I hope
you're happy. That's
twice I've had to
remove my hand from
a breast to answer a

"More like bitch tits ya
lil fag My lil fuzz is too
good 4 u Cya round

"Limpwrist? Limpwrist?
Thats the best you
could come up with?
And surely the fact
that i'm going out with
a girl, at least she
was female last i
checked, would
indicate i'm not gay?
Or maybe i am... Cya
cutie pie ;-)"

"Im up 4 anythin honey
buns. No mata what
ya do there will
always b sumthhn"

"Between us. Break
her heart and ill kill
ya. have a nice day at
kindy darlin"

"Awww... How sweet.
Alice has a little rabid
fanboy. Its alright
shnookums she's
safe with me *mwah*"

still awaiting a response to that... (Cory if you're reading this some flowers would be nice)

Someone's movin in on my girl and I get to be all manly and defend my them... kisses...

Blowing somone, who is at least 5 years my junior, that I've never met...kisses...

hmmm... my girly sense is tingling...can't quite see why...oh well *shrug*

Normally I would deconstuct this line by line, heaping ridicule and sarcasm as I go, slowly unravelling the poor boys pubescent psyche but...

I'm tired.

And 'twas all in good fun.

Tho I will give this final parting shot...

What is BEAMO?

Be Extra Attentive to My Orifice?

Cory you tease...


Anonymous Jonathan said...

You've touched a breast!?!? You must tell me Dan, what do they actually feel like?

10:41 pm  
Anonymous EJ said...

competition hey Dan... I'll help slap the little punce for ya!

11:11 pm  
Anonymous Lucinda said...

i love u dan u crack me up !!!

9:23 pm  

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