Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ninjas are cool

Go here and you'll see why I've been inspired to write about ninjas. Well that and my brain doesn't work anymore after bombing my Plant Biotech exam. So likelyhood of recieving honours is decreasing daily...hooray!

Anyway on to more important things like...


A wise man once said that for every ninja you don't see there are 3 more you don't see either...

Which, if you think about it, is a statement that expands exponentially until we are lost in a sea of ninjas...

There's a phrase not uttered enough "Lost in a sea of ninjas..."


Ninja Strike!



Anonymous Jonathan said...

Don't feel to bad about Plant... I got a 4 for that subject - my worst mark ever!!

6:31 pm  
Anonymous EJ said...

:) I got a mention!

:( now I feel bad cause I hadnt check the site for a while

5:41 pm  
Anonymous EJ said...

you have too much spare time!

Gizoogle is cool though! Does anyone seriously speak like that?

5:57 pm  

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