Thursday, January 05, 2006

First post for the new year...

Upon looking over my blog I have realised that since I started it I have made exactly 80 posts not counting this one.


How is everyone? All is well I trust?

I'm doing super. I am slightly closer to going to Sweden at the end of my honours this year so thats cool.

Here are some people who seem to genuinely believe that finding a living pterosaur will disprove evolution. Do they not realise that all it proves is that the pterosaur did not in fact die out millions of years ago? I especially love their explanation of the Second Law of Dynamics and how they try to use that to disprove evolution. Yes things tend towards disorder and yet, if left to themselves, many proteins dissolved in water will rearrange themselves into functional shapes. i.e. the protein has become more ordered. This is allowed to happen under the rules of thermodynamics because the water around the protein becomes more disordered. Therefore the entropy, or total amount of "disorderedness" in the universe has not changed.

Additionally you are allowed to "reverse" entropy by putting energy into the when you smelt iron ore to produce pure iron. You pump in a lot of energy to turn ore into pure iron. Here, again, the increase in "orderedness" of the iron atoms in the ore is compensated for by the "disorderedness" produced by the various gases evolved from the ore during the smelting process and from the production of the energy in the first place, whether from burning of wood or fossil fuels or from nuclear decay.

So life, while extremely ordered, also relies on energy input i.e. food to remain in that state. So take away food and you lose the ability to repair damage and keep things in their ordered state and you slowly become more disordered and die.

There I suck at physics and yet I can explain it to you...

I won't go ino how wrong their statement about how random mutations cannot add more information to our genome is. It just shows their complete ignorance of the subject. (Yes I do realise that a lot of our genetic information is the result of invasion by retroviruses but still mutation plays an important role, to say that the mutations are random is also untrue. There are areas of the genome that are more prone to mutation than others and the mutations lead to order over time due to selective pressure)

Well that wasn't supposed to be quite so rantish...oh well

til next time...


Anonymous DeViL said...

Geez what a geek!

4:55 pm  
Anonymous greg said...

The job I got was at Action Coaching.

8:55 am  
Anonymous Maestro Jonathan said...

To quote the late great Bill Hicks

'Did you ever notice how people that don't believe in evolution look the least evolved?'

12:32 pm  

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