Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today I bathed a fish...

Yes you read correctly. I bathed a fish. I gave my little finned bru a bath...choice.

I wasn't aware you could bathe a fish but, there you go, the things you learn. All it takes is a cup, some tap water and this stuff called "Neutraliser" and hey presto! a fish bath

Also the Library was closed at uni for most of the day today due to a chlorine spill. Nice.

Jon and anybody else who's curious can go here to find out more about YSA and last but not least I have put up a link to cool flash christmas card over in the cool stuff section, you can also find it here


Anonymous EJ said...

so when you say that you bathed a fish, you really mean that you moved it from its tank into a small glass of new water before returning it to its tank? What is the point?

10:48 pm  
Anonymous EJ said...

I am sick of reading about the fish - write a new story already!

On the bright side, I have just finished my reflective journal 49 pages and more than 13 000 words! my brain hurts!

12:28 am  

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