Friday, November 25, 2005

Most Ridiculous Band Ever...

Ok now here's something everyone can get involved in

Here's my pick for the most ridiculous band ever...

Kenny G - check it out he's got a greatest hits of his 3 previous christmas albumns!
Snoop Dogg
Nick Lachey
Russell Crowe
Dani from Cradle of Filth
Lars Ulrich



Anonymous Jonathan said...

MOst ridiculous band ever?? Hmmm.

How about

Axl Rose
Tom Jones
Count Grishnack/Varg Vikernes
MC Hammer
Shannon Noll
Meg White

Yeah, I think I win.

8:51 am  
Anonymous Brett said...

How 'bout the BEST band ever.

Vocals - Steve Tyler
Guitars - Eric Clapton
- Richie Sambora
- Slash
- Mick Mars
- Bryan May
- Keith Richards
- Bob Brosman
- Santana (up the back)

Bass - Nikki Sixx

Keyboard - Chuck Lavelle (EC unpulgged)

Drums - Phil Colins

Harmonica - Finger's Taylor (Jimmy Buffet band)

Sax - Clarence Clements (E-street band)

Promoter - Bob Geldoff

8:12 pm  

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