Sunday, November 27, 2005

I am the Trivia Queen!

...I mean King. Definitely King.

Yep trivia night on Saturday. Kicked arse. Won $50 worth of confectionary.

The night had been set up as a bit of a fundraiser for YSA. It was about 5 tables worth of people present and was well worth it for $5...if you won. The table I was on consisted of 9 people who had all graduated/were graduating from either Maths/Physics courses or Biological Sciences courses. The other 4 tables had 4-6 15-17 year olds. Now you may be thinking that this was a little unfair but we were only ahead by four points after 10 rounds of 10 questions each so they did pretty well. Still $50 worth of discount confectionary is a hell of a lot of confectionary even between 9 people. I got a hell of a lot of lollypops if anyone can be bothered to come round and collect one.

In other news I lost my wallet only to have it returned, intact, a half hour later and my room flooded in the rain we had today...


Anonymous Jonathan said...

What the hell is YSA? I just might take you up on the lollypop offer. Are they the flat circular lollypops or the spherical ones? I think I still have a shirt left at your place. I'll pick it up soon I guess.

10:56 pm  
Anonymous EJ said...

Wow, Go away for a week and you'll miss it all! (on the bright side, catching up on your posts kept me away from honours for a good 15 minutes)

10:42 am  

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