Friday, November 25, 2005

Rock Orchestra et Supervolkenbanden

Ok so's I get this out of the way I'm gonna do these together that way we can move on to the more important inanities (is that even a word?) of my life...

Firstly Super Happy Rock Orchestra...

1st Guitars
Jimmy Page
Brian May
Eric Clapton
Tom Morello
Dave Gilmour

2nd Guitars
James Hetfield
John Frusciante
Billie Joe
Chad Taylor
Adam Jones

1st Basses
Tim Commerford
Robert Trujillo
John Paul Jones
Les Claypool

Danny Carey
Mitch Mitchell
Dave Lombardo
Jason Finn

I am a sick, sick man...

Damn its great...

Ok now we have a band capable of starting a demolition company. The first person to tell me what bands all the members of my orchestra belong to gets...something...

I'll think of something...

Now keep in mind I'm still missing a few people (I had 8 people in the 1st guitars section until I realised how sick that was) and also I haven't heard enough music to nearly cover all the people that probably should be in here but these are all people whose playing gets me going.


The Rules are...

1 Guitar
At least 3 stringed instruments
2 of which must be strummable
Percussion of some description
A woodwind or brass instrument
NO distortion

My line up consists of...

Kyle Gass
Willie Nelson - 200 albumns! Holy Jesus...'nuff said...
Steve Twigger
Samantha Hunt
Patrick Murphy
Peter Purvis
Stephen Wehmeyer
Kunda Drame

Now if you can tell me what instruments all of these people play...and lets face it I didn't try too hard...then you are smart and stuff. The first 2 should be real easy after that it gets a bit trickier. I'll tell you this tho the first 2 are the only guitarists. There's a mandolin, a piper, a Bodhran and some spoons. The last one might be a bit trickier...

Anyways I'm spent, so good luck and I encourage submissions of your own orchestras and Supervolkenbandengruppen (there are currently several million germans spinning in their graves at my bastardization of their language)


Anonymous Jon - the only person who posts in your damn journal! said...

Why is Tom Araya playing percussion??


I'll have to think about my choices overnight.

9:30 pm  
Anonymous Greg said...

I might do a super group sometime but I'm going to make it a bit harder. Each member of the band has to be from a different genre of music.

On the other hand doing this one you are allowed to chose people who aren't alive.

7:52 am  

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