Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry NDHP

Merry Non-Denominational Holiday Period everyone!

Unless something extraordinary happens, like...I hook up with Megan Gale on New Years, this should be my last post for the year.

Thanks for everything everyone.

I hate to admit it but I'd die without your conversation, company and ability to keep me from slipping further into the pit of madness our times and circumstances seem to be encouraging the rest of humankind to dip its toe in from time to time :)

Good Luck and Good Night...


Anonymous EJ said...

:( I thought I was encouraging your immenent insanity

4:30 pm  
Anonymous roi said...

hey dan! I saw you only in passing but it was way cool. Actually I'm in Japan again now. I think Michelle told you I was hanging around... well she lied. My ticket only gave me a short time in Aus, so I could only socialise so much - and I don't have your phone number or email, so although I wanted to catch up, I couldn't. Ah well. Next time eh? Happy NDHP to you too!

2:41 am  

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