Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Honours Update

Found out yesterday that my honours with Dr. Jon is going ahead as planned...Yay!

Turns out my marks have improved enough that he knows I'm taking it seriously so he's happy to let me in the lab. All thats left now is for my marks for the last four subjects that comprise honours in my current degree to come in and for me to sit down with the other staff and students I'll be working with and make sure we all get along.

I'll be based at IHBI (pronounced Libby without the L) which will be cool. Brand spanking new research institute to play with :)

My project will involve modifying a protein called Ghrelin so that it has a longer shelf life when stored and a longer half life in vivo.

In other honours news the honours project I had lined up for this degree has begun. I finally got my NDA signed and handed in and my supervisor has begun to feed me the information I need to start. This includes a 60 page patent and a couple of presentations given to various boards and VC's to start with.

So thats all thats happened to me so far. Things are finally starting to take off :)

'til next time...


Anonymous Jonathan said...

Well done!! But think carefully before you accept the offer...

10:16 am  
Anonymous EJ said...

Congrats... sounds like a lot of hard work though!

11:09 pm  

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