Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oh. My. God.

Ok now before you go to the link I am about to provide...


If you are easily offended or hell even if you are not easily offended tread carefully with this link...



Seriously WTF? Is it a joke? Is he serious?

Anyways I'd just like to say that I found that site through this webcomic...I didn't know what I was in for...and frankly I think there should have been some kind of warning attached...


Anonymous Greg said...

I'm troubled that this is the second time I've seen this site.

3:46 pm  
Anonymous EJ said...

I am concerned, I think he is serious!

11:30 pm  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

YEah, I've seen that too... Not as disturbing as tubgirl or was when they were around. Awful, awful stuff.

8:19 pm  
Anonymous Greg said...

This is my favourite quote from the page:

"...sometimes it makes me wonder when people continue to ask me "How DO you mate with a dolphin?". Easy. Let the dolphin tell you!"

I like the idea that even before making the website he would be continuely inundated with questions about how to mate with a dolphin. He certainly lives the life of a king.

4:39 pm  

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