Monday, August 01, 2005

The story becomes ever more viscous...

How to respond, how to respond...

First off some clues about our interloper (assuming there is one). Firstly they chose to write their message using an RNA sequence. The difference between DNA and RNA is that DNA uses the four bases Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine while RNA uses Uracil instead of Thymine. This may mean something as it takes effort to do this. Most codon encoders use DNA as the bases of choice. Secondly they were thoughtful enough to put a stop codon in at the end. A stop codon tells the ribosome (the thing that makes proteins using the code supplied from mRNA) to stop producing protein, that it is finished. Thirdly the most common form of RNA in a cell is mRNA or messenger RNA. The DNA in the cell nucleus gets copied into mRNA and then the mRNA makes its way out of the nucleus and finds a ribosome where it is translated into protein. The significance of this is that they were writing me a message using messenger RNA.

Oh so geeky.

I love it.

Not that I'm encouraging "The Interloper"

...'cause y'know lame and all that...

anyways after that happy little molecular biology lesson on to Bottom Fiend his or herself (i'm leaning towards female). In your happy little ditty you wrote that you have only posted twice well i count three not inlcuding last nights. Are you only counting from your first verses onwards? is this a mistake? are you toying with me? (i knew it was female) or maybe your poetic skills were not up to including the number three (you could have used thrice) Anyways i will post a message in reply when i get the time that will separate the Biotechnologists from the Journalism majors...

i.e. those that actually do biotech (most of my friends) from those that can just research well (the rest of my friends)


Blogger dr_washo said...

right... um... right

3:22 pm  
Blogger EJ said...

This all seems to have gone a bit far. I can understand the bottom fiend wanting to toy with Dan... But the interloper is just sad. Get your own joke!

I must say though that I am suitably impressed with the thought processes behind the RNA message and the accrostic poem, the bottom fiend appears to be intelligent!

3:25 pm  
Anonymous Inc B said...


In case you're wondering (which you shouldn't be, I already told you this) I haven't been to your blog - until now obviously.
All these comments have moulded my brain slightly, so you'll have to excuse the way I'm writing...

I have to read my list again now...
In other news, next time your network cable comes unplugged, try unplugging and replugging the power cable on your modem (if you have a router do that too, at the same time). Especially if you're with Telstra. Goddamn Heartbeat. Worst connection program ever.

I'm eating large chunks of ham and thinking of porride, in a RAAF issue bathrobe. Give me a minute and I'll be drinking apple juice out of a martini glass.
Someone stole the stealme!
Also my camera's connection cable, so no photos yet. I can't even find one to buy, no one stocks them, not the computer store, not the camera store.

The Joey Ford Fan Club has over fifteen members now.

6:46 pm  

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