Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bottom Fiend...

Who are you? do i know you? I'm going to assume i don't and say yay! my first Random Internet User. Thanks to your patronage, traffic on my blog has incresed by 33%. You sir/madam, are a legend!

Tell your friends, neighbours, relatives, enemies, random people in the street, teach your pet to use the computer. Or get one of those rooms full of monkeys with typewriters (connected to the net of course) to write shakespeare to me.

It'd be awesome to get a comment from Toto, Whispy or Rex. I speak fluent Dog and some Cat...

Ruff, Ruff-Ruff, Ruffer?
(Have you seen my T-bone?)

Ruffer, Ruff, Ruffer, Ruff-Ruff?
(Do you have my T-bone?)

Ruffer, Ruffer, Ruff, Ruff-Ruff
(You owe me a new T-bone)

Shameless rip-off i know but i would be bereft of humour without plagiarism...


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