Wednesday, July 27, 2005

IBM - I Blame Microsoft


I bet you thought I'd given up on on this whole blogging thing but not so.

My computer, from time to time, randomly decides that "a network cable is unplugged." Despite verifying, on several occasions, that the network cable is not, in fact, unplugged my computer insists that it is. Consequently I will have no internet access at home anywhere from a day to several weeks. When it decides to "find" the network cable again I will be able to update at home but for the mo' I'm doing it from uni.

Any of you windows savvy types have any suggestions? In a retarded move by the windows developers all of the possible solutions to my problem provided by the networking trouble shooter seem to involve connecting to the internet at some stage. I say retarded because putting a stage in the "I have lost all internet access" troubleshooting process that involves connecting to the internet seems...I don't know...




Calm. Cool. Focused...And I'm back...

So yeah no settings were changed (at least not to my knowledge but with windows who can tell?) and yet I turn my computer on one morning and hello! no internet or networking. I've been through and checked all the settings I can find and they all appear to be the same as they are when its working. I am at a loss.

Really that troubleshooting thing shouldn't surprise me Windows has a history of this. This is the company that supplied a product to its customers with a warranty. This warranty was voided if the box was opened. The disclaimer that explained that the warranty was voided if the box was opened was...INSIDE the box. Not surprisingly they got sued and lost.

So yeah...I Blame Microsoft


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