Monday, July 25, 2005

Mai Dei

yeah today was orright.

i think i'm finally getting over the initial blogging frenzy that i suppose comes with a new toy like this. went to uni, aimed to be there 30 mins early so i could drop some stuff off to a friend but somehow managed to make it in an hour early. snaps for me. had a lecture on various aspects of immunology. broke out into cold sweats at the realisation that at some stage i'm actually going to have to learn this stuff.

came home...well tried to but train was 15mins late and an express for some mysterious reason. had to wait again at central. getting hungry at this point. considered gnawing on own limbs but decided fellow platform occupiers were much tastier. began picking out the old and sick to be consumed first. train came. cannibalism averted...hooray.

got home. ate food. discovered haven't paid tax for five turns out i'm over the threshold to pay tax but under the threshold where they actually keep any of it. ATO (Australian Tax Office) hasn't asked for it nor have i been issued any group certificates. much confusion over whether i should tell a bureaucrat about this. decided against this as i'd like to keep the things i my clothes. tho i might ring them from a payphone or something...

attempted some uni distracted. by many things. computer, TV, motes of dust in a beam of sunlight, navel lint, that spot on my ceiling that looks like Elwood Blues.

well til tomorrow kids...

p.s. still haven't recieved any hate mail. is my email up? very miffed...


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