Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I feel inspired...

By a complete lack of motivation!

So doin honours now.

Lotsa reading and not a whole lot of writing going on, which is bad cause I got this grant proposal thing due in 3 weeks or so. New building at KG is pretty awesome but still a whole...big amount...of things wrong with the place. No desk for me, no computers for the students, half the equipment hasn't been installed in the labs yet, half the supplies have been ordered but haven't arrived yet, no negative pressure in the PC2 labs...which is bad, No access to the labs for honours students etc. These things aside everything is running smoothly.

Have to move sometime in the next couple of weeks...Real estate let us know on friday, after we rang them twice, that the lease wasn't being extended. Finishes on the 18th so that should be fun.

Female Kieryn is off trotting the globe for a month...huzzah!

Keep putting off or forgetting tax return which is bad.

Still don know if I'm gonna be put on to Youth Allowance or not...may have to do another fortnightly form so I can, y'know, eat for the next fortnight. Means I'm gonna have to find time in between my 9-10 hours of uni a day to apply for 4 jobs :(

Brain too fried from uni to do anything other than eat and sleep...can't even coherent sentences form.

Who wants to know more about Ghrelin? I'm sure you all do...

It's name comes from the Proto-Indo-European root 'ghre' which means to grow. Its an Orexigen that is found in the stomach lining but is also highly expressed in prostate cancer. It is responsible for triggering a pathway that results in the release of human growth hormone It has a half life in cells of approximately 30 mins. This makes it hard to study the effects of long term exposure on a cell. My project basically involves modifying ghrelin ever so slightly to increase its half life without changing its normal action. Basically I'm creating a research tool that will be used by the research team I'm now a part of to study ghrelin's role in prostate cancer. Which is pretty cool.

Thats all I can remember for now...stay posted for more cause I know you can't get enough...


Anonymous EJ said...

Ah, sounds like IHBI is a great success.

Just dropped in to say hi!

3:03 pm  
Anonymous EJ said...

hmmm... where are you?

11:26 am  
Anonymous Greg said...

ah. Grehlin. I remember that from metabolic (vaguely)

9:15 am  
Anonymous greg said...

except I didn't remember to spell it right.

9:15 am  

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