Sunday, April 02, 2006

Remember, Remember the 5th of November...


Whats that song called thats in the...I think it's an ad for might be called push it possibly by vanilla ice? Or is it Salt 'n' Pepa?

y'know with the do-do-do-do-do-do do-dodododo-do bit? (I do realise this will translate badly in your head and I apologise)



I forgot.

Anyways went and saw V for Vendetta last night and it was pretty kick arse. I thought ...gah! Accursed housemates with your stinking incense!




Vision...fading...not much...time...Must...finish bloooggggg.... *drop to the floor twitching spasmodically*

Anyways where was I?

Oh yes Hugo Weaving. I think he did exceptionally well considering the only things he had to work with for the entire movie were his voice and the tilt of his head. The story had some strong messages in it which I think you would have had to have been dumber than a bag of hammers to miss or maybe if you're from Texas. (I apologise to all the kind, considerate, intelligent and well educated Texans out there, once again your noble state has taken one on the chin for the sake of comedy)

Although I was saddened to hear that the guy who wrote the original graphic novel series, Alan Moore, had become disillusioned with the way hollywood treated his works after their adaptations of From Hell, Constantine and League of Extraordinary Gentleman and was refusing to be paid or have his name associated with V for Vendetta.

So apparently the themes of the comics revolved around anarchy vs. fascism and mad antihero vs. sane hero. When you see the movie you can observe that the theme is very muchly Good vs. Evil and Democracy vs. Terrorism. Its enough of a twist to be a little irritating and over the top.

Anyways have a good one


Anonymous T said...

Me, Ms I-Don't-Do-Hollywood-Movies saw this today...

And I liked it! Lots.

Perhaps you are rubbing off on me.

Speaking of, am totally exited about bad Sean Connery movie on Thursday.

9:58 pm  
Anonymous EJ said...

Didn't have much to write about in that one did you...

better than my slack efforts though.

2:40 pm  

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