Thursday, April 20, 2006


Hey all,

long time no post.

I'd apologise for not posting earlier but I've been earning teh cash and haven't had apologise.

So first Update.


What can I say?

This movie is truly awesome. Full of stunning social and philosophical commentary and quite possibly Sean Connery's most moving and mature performance to date. The visuals were truly excellent with a superb costuming effort backed up by sets that are still fresh to the modern eye. The special effects and cinematography were light years ahead of their time and still continue to impress.

In summing up a masterpiece of modern cinema.

Thanks for the best birthday present I've had in a long time Trish.


Anonymous Mr Jonathan said...

Hey Graduate! I'll congratulate you once again and inquire as to your saturday night plans. Thinking of having a really small gathering at my new place then heading out.

7:52 am  

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