Friday, April 21, 2006

Something else big happened...

I just can't for the life of me remember what it was...

Lets see...

I still don't have a girlfriend...check

On a side note still suffering the Hawking Libido Dilation Effect...cause you all needed to know that...and I thought it was funny

All my relatives remain unmaimed and alive...check

I still have all my organs...check

I still can't play Stairway...check

I still haven't cleaned my room...check


I'm still an undergraduate...che...wait a minute! Thats right!

I graduated the other night. It was boring and hot but there was cheesecake and beer so the night evened out pretty well.

Here are some pics:

Can't see me?

There I am! :)

Mor Mor (Thats Mother's Mother to you non Swedish speaking Philistines...)

Me from the front...

Me from the back...sort of

Me and Kieryn

Goddamn! I am a sexy Bitch! That smoldering gaze, those noble features.
...Kieryn looks alright too.

I appear to be happy about something...

These are the only photos I have in digital format so far. I'll post more if I get them.


Anonymous EJ said...

That is the best post yet - or perhaps it is the end of a long and stressful work week and i am bored shitless....

Congrats on the graduation by the way

oh, and don't be a stranger

12:53 pm  

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