Sunday, July 24, 2005

Whie Power or Getting down to Profundities...

Being that my blog has the word profundities in its title some of you may have been led to believe that there would be, not one, but at least two profundities in my blog. Or perhaps even some ISSUES discussed. Not so.

I always just thought that when it was time the profundities would flow in like a king tide. Maybe i'm just not that profound. <- could this be a profundity? it would be ironic no?

In order that i may remedy the distinct lack of profundities so far (its been less than a day since i set this up, profundities take time) i thought i'd share an anecdote of mine that still makes me laugh.

I've told this story to my friends many times and i think it illustrates a very interesting point about racism and those who openly practice this ideology, i just wish i had a camera with me.

Anyway here goes...

On one of my regular train trips up to the sunshine coast, a lovely region about an hour and a half north of brisbane by train, to visit my aunts and grandmother, i saw something funny. As we were nearing a station we passed one of those little cinder block huts that seem to breed near country train stations. It had recently been given a cheery coat of white paint and as so often happens the bored youth, who seem to breed near train stations the world over, had decided that cheery white wasn't their thing. "Graffiti" is the word the kids are using these days. Graffiti had been applied to the hut in an eye catching shade of crimson. The freakin' idiots that had done this had emblazoned the hut in big letters with the words "WHIE POWER" then to add insult to bad spelling these knobholes had tried to add a few swastikas but being of below average intelligence and probably having not taken the time to research had sprayed the swastikas on going both ways. i.e. one swastika had the arms bending to the left the other to the right.

now i doubt that these guys (or gals) were serious but if they were it illustrates the point that in order to irrationally hate someone of another culture, faith, race or whatever you have gotta be dumber than a bag of hammers. If they weren't serious then we can still learn something, don't spray paint while drunk...

if they weren't drunk then there is no hope for the human race...

go here and fear:

i would laugh at these people only they are real frikkin scary

oh by the way there will be a prize for the first piece of hate mail or hate comment i recieve.

i.e. i will make fun of you in a future post

anyway enough of my high-horsing i'm going to get down now before i get hurt (normally placid animals have a thing for attacking or urinating on me, long story, prolly in another post)


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