Sunday, July 24, 2005


referring to my previous post are the "gentlemen" at the mighty aware that "aryan" refers to the indo-iranian family of languages? It can also be used to refer to these people as a whole. i believe the word aryan came from ancient persian(Persia being modern day Iraq) but i could be wrong. Anyway you can find out at any online dictionary...takes like 30 seconds...

oh...wait i see they're using it in the sense that Hitler used it. well ya see there's a problem...Hitler was insane.
And not particularly bright. he did have his bright moments (look at the VW beetle for instance) but he also attacked Russia opening himself up to war on two fronts, a cardinal mistake in military tactics and he attacked Russia. Russia the country that in centuries of conflict had never been defeated because of a hostile climate and population, that not even Napolean could overcome. And he attacked Russia...

back to my main point... = white supremacists


that little thingy is a does not equal sign btw

therefore loses

for goodness sake guys read a book, or hell even surf the "internet" for a few minutes, they have it on computer now y'know?

actually reading further down their homepage it turns out that they are welcoming Muslims into their ranks now...interesting i seem to remember looking at their page in high school and reading their leader of the time saying they were the scum of the earth along with "the hated jew" so i guess its ok for them to use aryan because now an extremely low percentage of them may in fact be aryan.

well i just feel stupid now what a waste of a rant...


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