Sunday, March 19, 2006

About a man named Les Paul

hey all,

not much to report. Work is long and boring...kind of like uni used to be. I end the day by attempting to recap what I did for the day...and fail.

had a housewarming for the 2 girls that have moved in, at their suggestion. I was the only one that invited anybody...again.

Bright Notes:

Have first important meeting tomorrow. Meeting with people from all the institutes associated with QUT to discuss...stuff.

Got to play one of these on the weekend. Like a deer in the headlights of rock I froze...

If it was a lady I'd take her home and climb her like a redwood...

Thats about it actually...hmm I apologise for not being my usual witty self but...meh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry the meeting got cancelled dan! there will be plenty more to look forward to tho.

2:09 pm  

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