Sunday, August 07, 2005


Just finished watching the second season of The Coupling last night. Strongly recommend you watch all of them if you get a chance.

Then the title of this post will make sense and result in riotous laughter.

Learnt a new word from Absolutely Fabulous. Flapsnot

A definition of which can be found here.

Warning! not for the squeamish or easily offended...Remember it's ME telling you this. Mr. Inappropriate. Remember the cow story?

Its now my life's ambition to use the terms "flapsnot" and "snerk" in a sentence...

"Hehe I said flapsnot..." *snerk*

Well thats good i can spend the rest of my life in bed now.

In other news tried to teach myself some Hendrix...didn't work.

Got the start of Purple Haze tho. Rock! \m/

Am listening to TOOL at the moment. Have decided i want to start learning the drums.

*scrabbling for something interesting to write about*

ooh ooh i know went to the UQ (University of Queensland) open day today. Found out I have virtually no interest in doing physiotherapy, audiology, occupational therapy or speech pathology post grad.

which is good. narrows it down a bit.

Oh and i think that Professor Andrew Fraser should be deported for this

I might do a rant about him tomorrow. Oh yeah and i think the cow story should be published too.


Blogger EJ said...

Deported? Dan.... don't you believe in freedom of speech (or st least the media's ability to twist peoples words to make them sound racist)

10:53 am  

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