Saturday, September 10, 2005

I live!

yep...still alive

not that any of you noticed the fact that i hadn't posted in a while

Went to a Biotech/Pharma careers night a coupla days ago. helped set up then spent most of it waiting outside for a guest that was coming late.

Then there was the free alcohol and food. Bonus!

My Head of Department for Science from high school was there. Turns out he's now in charge of Science for education Queensland. He remembered me which was cool, still creepy he was there tho...

we went out afterwards cause the free alcohol dried up pretty quick and these photos are the results...

This is Chris Collet our course co-ordinator, EJ and Brett. Chris came out to the pub with us, how cool is that? Rock!

I was complaining about how painful EJ's flash was so she took another photo...I may also have been mildly intoxicated

This is Bec, Lyss and Kez. The 2 ladies on the right are my housemates and that figure on the far right may or may not be the Dark Lord, Satan himself...or it could just be Nathan a guy who graduated from our course a coupla years ago...I'll let you decide...

This is Bec. She is quirky, mildly evil and very, very obsessed with fire. Good combination.

So yeah it was a good night...


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