Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm back

Hey all,

its been a while but I've been muy busy with uni and the whatnot. Had a family luncheon thingy at which i was awarded cash and prizes to the value of $240. Thanks family you rock!

There's a hole in the arse of my pants about the size of a 20c piece at the moment. For anyone that knows me you'll be aware that I only posess one functioning pair of pants so this is a sad occasion indeed. Looks like family money will be spent on pants.

Only 7 weeks to go and my degree is finished. Its kinda creepy. I might actually have to get a job soon *gasp*

My new favourite saying is "Colder than a penguins third nipple" Hoping to use it in conversation before the week is out.

I made a comment in one of my previous posts about how normally placid animals have a thing for attacking or urinating on me. Remind me to explain that by reliving traumatic childhood experiences in a future post.


Blogger Andrew said...

Pants are a good thing! I have too many pairs now. The problem is deciding which one to pick.

9:05 am  
Blogger dr_washo said...


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