Tuesday, August 16, 2005


There you are your word for the day

Teleology n. The study of evidence for the idea of design or purpose in nature.

So you could say if you were of a certain persuasion that "All christians are teleologists as they seek to impose on nature a design or purpose through the idea of a divine will"

Thats the best example I could come up with...

Use it on someone who thinks they is smart and confuse the shit out of them.

Arsetard refers to one who is stupid, imbecilic, asinine, docile or vapid as opposed to an astard (Bastard without a B) someone who was born out of wedlock or who is just being a prick.

I also envisage the word being used in politer company where the word Fucktard would be unacceptable.


...and death to America.


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